Fulton County Sheriff's Department Inmate Listing

Inmate listing updated periodically, lasted updated 7/10/2015

Awaiting Probable Cause
Last First MI Charges/Cause (Bond)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Awaiting Initial Hearing
Last First MI Charges/Cause (Bond)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Braun Charles E Poss of Para (2,500 Surety) (Pulaski) 07/15/2015 Superior
Leavell Heather R 25D01-1504-CM-199 (No Bond) 07/14/2015 Superior
    25D01-1412-CM-471 (No Bond)   Superior
    25D01-1410-CM-392 (No Bond)   Superior
    25D01-1407-CM-256 (No Bond)   Superior
Spaulding Anthony A Poss of Para (2,500 Surety OR 500 Cash) (Kosciusko) 07/16/2015 Superior
Tuttle Amanda A 25C01-1307-FD-461 (No Bond) 07/16/2015 Circuit
Wygant Blainlee E OVWI .08 (1,000 Surety OR 150 Cash) 07/17/2015 Superior
Awaiting Trial
Last First MI Cause Number (Bond)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Allen Charles E 25D01-1307-FD-407 (No Bond) (Pulaski) 05/12/2015 Superior
Bell Bernard E 25C01-1505-F5-258 (No Bond) 05/15/2015 Circuit
Biggs Stephen P 25D01-1507-CM-322 (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash) 07/06/2015 Superior
Brewer Derrick J 25C01-0905-FC-026 (No Bond) 07/15/2015 Circuit
    25C01-1410-F6-641 (No Bond)   Circuit
Burns Charles E 25D01-1506-CM-258 (2,500 Surety) 06/23/2015 Superior
Carpenter Jonathan A 25D01-1503-F3-161 (No Bond) (Hold Parole) 03/14/2015 Superior
Chapman Justin D 25D01-1503-F3-162 (15,000 Surety OR 5,000 Cash) 03/14/2015 Supdrior
Christensen Carla S 25D01-1501-CM-010 (15,000 Surety) 01/10/2015 Superior
Davis Amanda S 25D01-1412-F6-630 (7,500 Surety) 02/25/2015 Superior
    25D01-1403-FD-137 (1,000 Cash)   Superior
Day Eric R 25C01-1112-FA-796 (7,500 Surety OR 1,000 Cash) 04/30/2015 Circuit
Dickison Jeremy S 25D01-0703-FD-060 (7,500 Surety) 03/29/2015 Superior
Dovich Eugene Q 25C01-1109-FD-600 (No Bond) 06/01/2015 Circuit
Evans Christopher J 25C01-1505-F5-262 (No Bond) 05/16/2015 Circuit
    25C01-1406-FD-366 (No Bond)   Circuit
Foster Joseph D 25D01-1507-CM-275 (1,000 Surety OR 150 Cash) 07/06/2015 Superior
Fromme Dekota A 25D01-1501-F6-027 (7,500 Surety) 01/21/2015 Superior
Graf Adam D 25D01-1502-F3-044 (40,000 Surety) 01/31/2015 Superior
    25D01-1501-F6-036 (No Bond)   Superior
Gutierrez Jesus A 25D01-1305-CM-137 (No Bond) 05/20/2015 Superior
    25D01-1506-F6-278 (15,000 Surety)   Superior
    25C01-1503-F5-182 (No Bond)   Circuit
    25C01-1308-FD-557 (No Bond)   Circuit
Haines Alexis S 25C01-1506-F5-275 (7,500 Surety OR 1,000 Cash) 05/29/2015 Circuit
Hoeppner Kody B 25D01-0810-CM-470 (No Bond) 07/02/2015 Superior
Jackson Calin M 25D01-1402-CM-045 (300 Cash) 05/26/2015 Superior
    25D01-1404-CM-104 (300 Cash)   Superior
    25D01-1404-CM-105 (300 Cash)   Superior
Jackson Leon 25D01-1505-CM-211 (7,500 Surety) 05/09/2015 Superior
Johnson Colt A 25C01-1507-F6-315 (7,500 Surety) 06/28/2015 Circuit
    25C01-1311-FD-745 (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash)   Circuit
    25C01-1309-FD-621 (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash)   Circuit
Johnson Leroy B 25D01-1010-FD-500 (7,500 Surety) 06/11/2015 Superior
Langley Julia L 25C01-1312-FD-758 (No Bond) 04/26/2015 Circuit
Miller Jordan M 25C01-1501-F3-024 (15,000 Surety OR 5,000 Cash) 01/16/2015 Superior
Pittman Daniel C 25D01-1502-CM-063 (2,500 Surety) 05/13/2015 Superior
Potter John M 25D01-1502-F6-093 (10,000 Surety) 05/11/2015 Superior
    25D01-1502-CM-080 (5,000 Surety)   Superior
Rodriguez Joseph A 25C01-1502-F5-102 (No Bond) (Parole) 02/16/2015 Circuit
Roller Brian L 25D01-1502-F6-062 (No Bond) (Parole) 02/03/2015 Superior
Shultz Jamie A 25C01-0404-FA-021 (7,500 Surety) 05/08/2015 Circuit
Soucy Kevin C 25C01-1204-FD-236    
Tipton Oscar W 25D01-0709-FD-307 (10,000 Cash) 04/30/2015 Superior
Travers Vance R 25C01-1505-F5-234 (7,500 Surety OR 1,000 Cash) 06/01/2015 Circuit
Vollmer Brian J 25D01-1507-F6-314 (15,000 After 15 Days)(Parole Hold) 06/29/2015 Superior
Vollmer Lucas J 25C01-1310-FD-662 (No Bond) 07/09/2015 Circuit
Walters Lance A 25C01-1502-F5-105 (10,000 Surety OR 5,000 Cash) (Starke) 02/17/2015 Circuit
Ward Dalton R 25C01-1502-F6-077 (No Bond) 05/18/2015 Circuit
Wicker Amanda J 25D01-1505-F5-257 (7,500 Surety OR 1,000 Cash) 05/14/2015 Superior
Wolf Jamie R 25D01-1506-F6-295 (No Bond) 06/19/2015 Superior
Yoder Travis D 25D01-1503-F6-128 (15,000 Surety) 02/28/2015 Superior
Last First MI Cause Number (Projected Release Date)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Burnett Derrick J 25D01-0805-FD-204 04/09/2015 Superior
Burns Charles E 25D01-1506-CM-258 06/23/2015 Superior
Christensen Carla S 25D01-1501-CM-010 01/10/2015 Superior
    25D01-1501-CM-175 07/14/2015 Superior
Cooley Chrysta L 25D01-0805-FC-235   Superior
Davis Nathan S 25D01-1505-CM-214 (11/11/2015) 05/17/2015 Superior
Davis Amanda S 25D01-1412-F6-630 02/25/2015 Superior
    25D01-1403-FD-137   Superior
Gallahan Patrick M 25D01-1106-CM-264 (12/08/2015) 06/11/2015 Superior
Jennings Joshua S 25D01-1502-CM-081 02/17/2015 Superior
    25C01-1307-FD-412   Circuit
Kinney Darneil E 25D01-0708-CM-369 (08/14/2015) 02/20/2015 Superior
Lewis Michael A 25D01-1311-CM-351 03/24/2015 Sueprior
Lundie Monique R 25D01-1412-CM-465 04/08/2015 Superior
    25D01-1407-CM-244   Superior
    25D01-1407-CM-220   Superior
Miller Scott G 25D01-1310-FD-637 (08/14/2015) 06/09/2015 Superior
Schakel David A 25D01-1305-CM-154 04/30/2015 Superior
Tipton Oscar W 25D01-0709-FD-307 04/30/2015 Superior
Turner Frank A 25D01-1502-CM-065 (11/05/2015) 02/07/2015 Superior
DOC Sentenced
Last First MI Cause Number (Holds) Date Lodged Court
Anderson Timothy H 25D01-1408-F6-439 06/10/2015 Superior
Dovich Kylee N 25C01-1502-F6-103 02/17/2015 Circuit
    25C01-1311-FB-720   Circuit
    25C01-1411-F6-579   Circuit
Maness Shelly L 25D01-1404-FB-207 06/24/2015 Superior
Roe Scott W 25D01-1501-F6-029 (DOC Ineligible) 06/10/2015 Superior
Soucy Kevin C 25C01-1204-FD-236 01/08/2015 Circuit
Spencer Josh DJ 25C01-1409-F6-501 (DOC Ineligible) 05/04/2015 Circuit
Warrant Holds
Last First MI Holds Date Lodged
Cook Zachariah D Parole 07/01/2015
Sanchez Brenan C Parole 06/25/2015
Stickler Kory S Parole 05/07/2015