Fulton County Sheriff's Department Inmate Listing

Inmate listing updated periodically, lasted updated 8/31/2014

Awaiting Probable Cause
Last First MI Charges/Cause (Bond/Holds) Date Lodged Court
Biggers Allen E Identity Deception, Minor Consumption (No Bond) 08/31/2014 Superior
Conley Daulton E Illegal Drug Lab, Poss of Meth, 08/30/2014 Superior
    Poss of Para (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash)    
Awaiting Initial Hearing
Bahney Beth A Poss of Meth, Poss of Para (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash) 08/28/2014 Superior
Booth Christopher M 25D01-0910-FD-476 (No Bond) (On Charges Since 8-23-14) 08/27/2014 Superior
Bridgman Jeffrey R Public Intox, Disorderly Conduct (No Bond) 08/23/2014 Superior
Gerald Justin J 25D01-1201-CM-13 (750 Cash) 08/27/2014 Superior
    25D01-1101-FD-75 (750 Cash)    
Ladson Judilynn Common Nuisance, Manu Meth, Poss of Meth, Para, & Prec (No Bond) 08/28/2014 Superior
Richard Charla R Poss of Meth, Poss of Para (No Bond) 08/28/2014 Superior
Simons Matthew S Poss of Meth, Poss of Para, Resisting (No Bond) 08/28/2014 Superior
Awaiting Trial
Anderson Timothy H 25D01-1408-F6-439 (15,000 Surety) 08/10/2014 Superior
Armstrong Dylan S 25D01-1407-CM-216 (2,500 Surety) 08/22/2014 Superior
Austin Richard N 25D01-0105-CM-309 (No Bond (On Charges Since 8-11-14) 08/14/2014 Superior
Bailey Ashtin B 25D01-1211-FD-562 (No Bond) 07/08/2014 Superior
Bridgman Jeffrey R 25D01-1408-CM-297 (No Bond) 08/23/2014 Superior
Carpenter Jonathan A 25D01-1407-CM-241 (No Bond) 07/02/2014 Superior
Conner Brandon M 25D01-1103-FB-251 (No Bond) 03/24/2014 Superior
Craft Michael J 25D01-1105-CM-185 (250 Cash) 08/25/2014 Superior
    25D01-1105-CM-182 (500 Cash)    
Emmons Chelsey R 25D01-1202-FC-101 (No Bond) 05/28/2014 Superior
    25D01-1107-FD-513 (No Bond)    
Epperly Natasha C 25D01-1102-CM-069 (No Bond) 08/25/2014 Superior
Everitt Taryn R 25D01-1111-FC-723 (1,500 Cash) 08/18/2014 Superior
    25D01-1001-FD-051 (1,500 Cash)    
    25D01-1004-SC-243 (1,769.41 Cash)    
Ewing Mathew E 25D01-1405-FD-307 (10,000 Surety) 05/16/2014 Superior
Gross Daniel W 25D01-1312-FB-783 (15,000 Surety) 12/09/2013 Superior
Harner Brent A 25C01-1311-FD-700 (500 Cash) 07/09/2014 Circuit
Hecht Dustin W 25D01-1110-FD-650 (No Bond) 08/11/2014 Superior
Hernandez Michael T 25D01-1104-FD-300 (No Bond) 06/09/2014 Superior
Honeycutt Erin N 25C01-1406-FD-343 (7,500 Surety) 06/01/2014 Circuit
Howard Rocky R 25D01-1110-CM-364 (750 Cash) 08/21/2014 Superior
    25D01-1404-FD-244 (10,000 Cash) 08/21/2014 Superior
Hurtt Richard D 25D01-1408-CM-272 (2,500 Surety) 08/24/2014 Superior
Isley Earl R Jr 25D01-1408-CM-283 (5,000 Surety) 08/16/2014 Superior
Lambert Ronald P Sr 25D01-1311-FB-185 (No Bond) 11/18/2013 Superior
    25D01-1203-FB-728 (No Bond)    
Lett Brian L 25D01-1008-FB-422 (No Bond) 04/29/2014 Superior
Lewis Benjamin K 25C01-1405-FD-313 (7,500 Surety) 05/18/2014 Circuit
Lundie Kyle N 25D01-0805-FD-184 (750 cash) (Wells County) 06/27/2014 Superior
Lundie Monique R 25D01-1308-CM-246 (150 Cash) 25D01-1308-CM-247 (150 Cash) 07/15/2014 Superior
Luper Cleo E 25D01-1404-FD-247 (7,500 Surety) 04/21/2014 Superior
Miller Gary 25D01-1405-FA-335 (75,000 Surety) 05/23/2014 Superior
Nicholson Frederick L 25C01-0912-FC-535 (250,000 Surety & 75,000 Cash) 06/14/2013 Superior
Reffett Jeffery A 25C01-1202-FD-082 (7,500 Surety) 04/22/2014 Circuit
Reffitt Clifford E 25D01-1407-CM-250 (5,000 Surety) (K County) 07/18/2014 Superior
Rosas Rosa M 25D01-1102-CM-97 (5,000 Surety) 07/26/2014 Superior
    25D01-1407-CM-258 (2,500 Surety OR 500 Cash)    
Royster Daniel L 25D01-1106-CM-233 (No Bond) 07/27/2014 Superior
Samson Jared D 25D01-1408-CM-265 (7,500 Surety) 08/03/2014 Superior
Scroggs William B 25D01-111-MR-753 (No Bond) 11/24/2011 Superior
Sedlacek Nathan A 25C01-1204-FB-217 (No Bond) 06/30/2014 Circuit
    25C01-1407-FD-397 (7,500 Surety)    
Walker Rustin J 25C01-1403-FA-169 (40,000 Surety) (Parole Hold) 03/22/2014 Circuit
Whitaker Justin A 25C01-1309-FD-626 (No Bond) 06/18/2014 Circuit
Wilson Dennis B 25D01-1011-CM-477 (2,500 Surety) (On Charges Since 8-2-14) 08/07/2014 Superior
Arven Brandon L 25D01-0508-CM-272, 25D01-0707-CM-345 (PRD: 11/02/2014) 12/26/2013 Superior
Merritt Jelani A 25D01-1205-CM-164 08/22/2014 Superior
Reffitt Clifford E 25D01-1401-CM-008 (PRD: 10/06/14) 07/18/2014 Superior
Steed Aaron C 25D01-0908-CM-305 (PRD: 10/15/2014) 03/20/2014 Superior
Woodcox Delisa L 25D01-1309-FB-609 (PRD: 09/09/2014) 09/14/2013 Superior
DOC Sentenced
Chudzynski Thomas E 25D01-1307-FC-436 07/29/2014 Superior
Harris Brent M 25D01-0709-FD-293 06/19/2014 Superior
Harrold Jory L 25D01-1308-FD-512 06/10/2014 Superior
Higgins Randy L 25D01-1211-FD-535 08/19/2014 Superior
Hogan Lisa A 25C01-1303-FD-133 07/02/2014 Circuit
Lambert Ronald Jr. 25D01-1311-FB-727 11/18/2013 Superior
Lowe David L 25D01-1305-FD-333, 25D01-1304-FD-233 02/22/2014 Superior
    25C01-1402-FD-108 02/22/2014 Circuit
Marchlik Kenneth P 25D01-1312-FD-809 08/06/2014 Superior
Morton Darrell W 25D01-0807-FC-333 07/13/2014 Superior
Mounce Charles A 25C01-1105-FD-326    
Reffett Jeffrey A 25D01-1401-FD-055 01/18/2014 Superior
Shelton Aaron T 25D01-1312-FD-811 08/11/2014 Superior
Slone Jimmy D 43D01-1309-FD-590 (Kos Cnty Work Release) 04/28/2014 NA
Smith Gregory A 25D01-1306-FD-369 07/15/2014 Superior
Torres Kenneth L 25D01-0201-FB-011 03/03/2014 Superior
Troxell Eugene M 25D01-1308-FD-534 (Parole Hold) 08/14/2013 Superior
Williams Timothy L 25C01-1403-FB-144 03/13/2014 Superior
Warrant Holds
Carpenter Jonathan Parole 07/02/2014 NA