Fulton County Sheriff's Department Inmate Listing

Inmate listing updated periodically, lasted updated 01/22/2015

Awaiting Probable Cause
Last First MI Charges/Cause (Bond)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Awaiting Initial Hearing
Last First MI Charges/Cause (Bond)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Adams Koda L Poss of Mari <30g (10,000 Surety) 01/19/2015 Superior
Bailey Ashtin B Poss of Meth, Poss of Para (10,000 Surety) 01/19/2015 Superior
Fromme Dekota A Auto Theft x2, Receiving Stolen Property (No Bond) 01/21/2015 Circuit
Howard Mark E 25D01-1410-CM-385 01/20/2015 Superior
Miller Jordan M Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery, 01/16/2015 Superior
    Strangulation (15,000 Surety OR 5,000 Cash)    
Minks Kimberly J 25D01-1202-FD-070 01/20/2015 Superior
Pitcher Steven L 25D01-1309-CM-285 (5,000 Surety) 01/21/2015 Superior
Roe Scott W Poss of Meth, Poss of Para (10,000 Surety) 01/19/2015 Superior
Schoff Casey J 25D01-1308-CM-264 (No Bond) 01/21/2015 Superior
Stone Sean A Domestic Battery (2,500 Surety OR 500 Cash) 01/19/2015 Superior
Whitaker Justin A Poss of Mari, Poss of Para (10,000 Surety) 01/19/2015 Superior
Wilkes Thomas G 25D01-1206-CM-185 (5,000 Surety) 01/21/2015 Superior
Winn Westley B 25D01-1309-FD-584 (No Bond) 01/21/2015 Superior
    Poss of Para, Poss of Ctrl Subs, (15,000 Surety)    
Awaiting Trial
Last First MI Cause Number (Bond)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Christensen Carla S 25D01-1501-CM-010 (No Bond) 01/10/2015 Superior
Clark James A 25D01-1409-F6-537 (No Bond) 09/25/2014 Superior
    25C01-1403-FD-147 (7,500 Surety) 09/25/2014 Circuit
Dovich Eugene Q 25D01-1409-F5-535 (15,000 Surety) 09/25/2014 Superior
    25C01-1109-FD-600 (2,000 Cash) 09/25/2014 Circuit
Drudge Jeremy L 25C01-1412-F4-623 (10,000 Surety OR 3,000 Cash) 12/09/2014 Circuit
Ewing Mathew E 25D01-1405-FD-307 (10,000 Surety) 05/16/2014 Superior
    25D01-1312-CM-399 (500 Cash) (Vigo County) 05/16/2014 Superior
Gerald Justin J 25D01-1201-CM-013 (750 Cash) 08/27/2014 Superior
    25D01-1101-FD-075 (750 Cash) 08/27/2014 Superior
    25D01-1409-F6-486 (10,000 Surety) 08/27/2014 Superior
Gudas Keith A 25D01-1412-F6-658 (7,500 Surety OR 1,000 Cash) 12/12/2014 Superior
Helm Nathaniel J 25D01-1409-F5-536 (15,000 Surety) 09/24/2014 Superior
    25D01-1301-FA-028 (1,000 Cash) 09/24/2014 Superior
Hernandez Michael T 25D01-1104-FD-300 (No Bond) 06/09/2014 Superior
Howard Rocky R 25D01-1404-FD-244 (2,500 Cash) 08/21/2014 Superior
Langley Charlene R 25D01-0904-FC-133 (No Bond) 12/08/2014 Superior
Lewis Benjamin K 25C01-1405-FD-313 (7,500 Surety) (Miami County) 05/18/2014 Circuit
Libician Donald G 25D01-1409-F6-504 (No Bond) 09/11/2014 Superior
Lundie Kyle N 25D01-0805-FD-184 (750 Cash) (Wells County) 06/27/2014 Superior
Mikesell Heather L 25D01-1501-CM-009 (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash) 01/11/2015 Superior
Miller Gary L 25D01-1405-FA-335 (75,000 Surety) 05/23/2014 Superior
Miller Jordan M      
Moon Chad 25D01-1211-FD-603 (1,500 Cash) 09/22/2014 Superior
Mounce Charles A 25D01-1406-CM-207 (5,000 Surety) 08/19/2014 Superior
Nicholson Frederick L 25C01-0912-FC-535 (250,000 Surety & 75,000 Cash) 06/14/2013 Superior
Pierce William A 25D01-1310-CM-327 (500 Cash) 10/20/2014 Superior
    25D01-1409-CM-306 (5,000 Surety) 10/20/2014 Superior
Ponto Nicholas L 25D01-1412-CM-436 (250 Cash) 11/28/2014 Superior
    25D01-1011-FD-539 (7,500 Surety) 11/28/2014 Superior
    25D01-1102-FD-118 (7,500 Surety) 11/28/2014 Superior
Redington John P 25D01-1306-CM-176 (1,000 Cash) 09/01/2014 Superior
    25D01-1409-CM-300 (7,500 Surety) 09/01/2014 Superior
Scroggs William B 25D01-111-MR-753 (No Bond) 11/24/2011 Superior
Sedlacek Nathan A 25C01-1204-FB-217 (No Bond) 06/30/2014 Circuit
    25C01-1407-FD-397 (7,500 Surety) 06/30/2014 Circuit
Shaver Kevin P 25D01-1411-F6-582 (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash) 11/08/2014 Superior
Skaggs Chasity B 25D01-1411-CM-417 (5,000 Surety OR 750 Cash) (Marshall County) 11/10/2014 Superior
Trigg Jason A 25C01-1501-FA-007 (75,000 Surety) 01/12/2015 Circuit
Last First MI Cause Number (Projected Release Date)(Holds) Date Lodged Court
Allen Saron R 25C01-1409-F6-513 09/18/2014 Circuit
    25D01-1201-CM-008 09/18/2014 Superior
Booth Christopher M 25D01-0910-FD-476 (PRD: 02/28/2015) 08/27/2015 Superior
Craft Michael J 25D01-1105-CM-185, 25D01-1105-CM-182 08/25/2014 Superior
Hunsaker Kalin P 25D01-1307-CM-206 (Marshall County) 11/04/2014 Superior
Pontius George L 25D01-0607-CM-242 01/14/2015 Superior
Ruthruff Aaron Z 25D01-1406-CM-186 01/13/2015 Superior
Stallard Richard E 25D01-1309-CM-293, 25D01-1212-CM-345 10/03/2014 Superior
Woodcox Delisa L 66D01-1211-FD-104 (Pulaski Cnty Work Release) 09/14/2013 NA
DOC Sentenced
Last First MI Cause Number (Holds) Date Lodged Court
Bennington Nathan B 25D01-1405-FC-320, 25D01-0510-FC-232 01/20/2015 Superior
Dorris William R 25C01-1301-FD-033 12/19/2014 Circuit
Gross Daniel W 25D01-1312-FB-783 12/09/2013 Superior
Hall Jason W 25D01-0606-FB-136 01/20/2015 Superior
Johnson Colt A 25C01-1309-FD-621, 25C01-1311-FD-745 12/20/2014 Circuit
Lambert Roanld P Sr 25D01-1311-FB-728, 25D01-1203-FB-185 11/18/2013 Superior
Lett Brian L 25D01-1008-FB-422 04/29/2014 Superior
Mounce Charles A 25C01-1105-FD-326 08/19/2014 Circuit
Ogle Jeffrey M 25D01-1111-FD-770 10/27/2014 Superior
Terry Steven M 25C01-1307-FD-442, 25C01-1311-FB-721 11/23/2014 Circuit
Walker Rustin J 25C01-1403-FA-169 03/22/2014 Circuit
Warrant Holds
Last First MI Holds Date Lodged
Bryant Scott D Parole 12/11/2014
Carbone Robert E Porter County 01/16/2015
Hernandez Luis G Michigan 01/14/2015
Lewis Crystal A Parole 01/15/2015
Rice Wesley V Kentucky Parole 12/29/2014
Soucy Kevin C Miami County 01/08/2015